Nihilistic claim for antipolitical misanthropic attacks

First months of 2017:

A failed attempt to burn some random cars because the incendiary device was shitty as fuck.

3 Coca Cola bottles poisoned with hydrochloric acid left indiscriminately at various places inside city centre.

2 arson attacks, a house backyard destroyed and another yard of a house with vehicles inside torched.

Today with chemicals, or gasoline… Who knows with what next, who cares. My weapon is ready to deliver a blow in the depths of social pustulosis. Calculating, patient, minding my step into the unknown of chance, diving into my battle outnumbered but I am persistent, my flesh burns into the boiling enjoyment of the consuming fire, that will engulf the temples of the normal man like an aphrodisiomania which penetrates my nerves. Fuck deliverance, through a sacramental absorption of the refined scripts of ethics in an anaemic existence, chained onto the whip of metaphysical correction.

From the Nihilist void emerges the pure unadulterated hate. The moments that the pathetic vessel of the humanoid becomes the beast. These moments of metamorphosis are the moments I crave. Raw, piercing, anti-human. Devouring the gregarious nature of human existence and regurgitating in a ravaging volitious urge for destruction and disintegration of everything it constitutes.

An entrapped beast in the sewers of humanity attacks, where the descending course of the ego is inescapable, the stench of physical slavery fills my lungs until they explode with nihilistic hate for the humanity of humans. Swimming into the putridity of sameness my flesh arises, I find myself into the hallways of the great isolation of misanthropic deviation until I reach the moment of revenge towards the sacred society. I bow to no human temple, before me your gods are ashes. Antisocial hatred becomes the knife to gut every human world.

Fuck you all!

Do you know what is this demonic need? How could you…To blow your mind with egoic instincts, flowing from the deep, negating the whole framework of artificiality? There is no ”victory” over anything. There is the choice to attack and penetrate this fake world. There is the egotistical need and satisfaction. I see things through a raw pessimism and not its existentialist form that fails to remove metaphysicality. By destroying the artificiality of the human quests for the spirit and immortality, the womb of progressivist belief and action. I speak about antihumanism and Nihilism in their purest forms. Everyone’s flesh will be turned into meat in a morgue at some point. Shit to the attitude of heroic death. Shit to the beautification of everything uncomfortable about the human existence. Experimenting into the chaos of arbitrariness and injustice, challenging the determinism of the human conduct. No remorse, no regret, no stupid emotionalism. Fuck the christianism of every form of guilt and conscience! There is no attempt of a presentation of a ”superior self” or a justification of it, only my ego, negating any remnants of ethical injection into the action – justification relation. I am the one who acts, not the idea, I perish into the chaotic abyss and welcome staring at myself without colorful eyes.

I am a poisonous wound gestated in the bowels of urban rot and the ethical carnivals of man that mocks and attacks the human world. That pisses on its masks and every form it takes. I am a perverted sickfuck that doesn’t give a fuck about anyone. To drink from the grail of life in a beastly form, the form of indiscriminate attack, in its purely amoral sense, that having extirpated the ethical framework, observes, understands and delivers without any moral sentiment. Long enough have I satisfied my thirst drinking from the bogs of humanity, feeling my mouth dry like consuming ashes.

These actions were done with intent to harm people and cause fear. A blow to the moral man where he feels safe.

Total complicity with the eco-extremists and Nihilist terrorists!

For the expansion of the propaganda against humanism and humanists!

For the expansion of misanthropic action!

Nihilist aggressor, Misanthropos Cacogen






ITS: The Invisible Menace

Regression #6, Editorial

What we say today may be forgotten, but what we do will last.     A.

April [2016] It continues: Indiscriminate amoral attack and the moral anarcho-nun

Many moons have passed since the eco-extremist tendency has been spreading to many corners of the world, particularly in the Americas. In February, we were witnesses to how groups like the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS), by far the most representative of the tendency, emerged in Chile and Argentina with arsons, threats, explosives, and package-bombs. From Mexico, the evil spore had arrived in the southern continent, where it has implanted itself. Continue reading

(Roma Infernetto-” Shit World”) To Profane and Devour

A nihilist fragment that I dedicate to a “dead” enemy

For me.

Kneel before me.

You will stretch out and elongate yourself in a flat position.

I spit black blood, effusive bile.

I spit my venomous liquid against my enemy.

You are trapped.

Captured alive I breathe death.

You were dead before, with your useless life, in the necessity of my passion.

Imprisoned by a trap that I set.

Like a spider who weaves its web to trap its prey.

The cold strategic necessity and the ardent passion to advance in this “dead world.”

Union of elements, poisonous particles of Ego Worship, they join and crash into each other, forming and destroying themselves.

The Criminal Nihilist is a ferocious animal in the dismal metropolis.

Living flesh impoverished with interior putrefaction.

He receives terror from decadent humanity and he feels Terror

He is before me and kneeling, afflicted since his birth by the attribute of limitation facing honest and correct society.

You were wrong.

What I thought, what you thought, you saw it as an absolute in the absolute of your condition.

You were confused, what I thought, you thought, you falsified your life and your victory in a geometrically perfect manner.

Fallen into my hidden cave:

Now you are the wandering dead

You wanted, you know, to not doubt. .. yourself.

To think and feel, to smell like a wild animal, in the middle of simulated mirrors of a mortal human being.

Neither mirror, nor reflection given of things, but I will break and destroy absolute certainty.

I sink myself in the abysmal poison, in the solipsistic profundity of MY exclusive hell.

I open the abyss, hermetic and infinite, and I see the top, vertigo that sucks the infinitesimal of life and death, moribund desire of sense from splendid linear life.

There is not a “common” yawn, here, in MY hidden cave, desire burns to annihilate the life that I have captured.

Brain at my side.

The infernal dog with three heads.

The chaotic invocation of the infernal jaws.

Elements uniting and encountering each other, they melt and mix with the shape of an evil shadow that pursues my body.

The darkness of the night that blackens knowledge of the clean ray of peace.

It is a schizophrenic prayer, a petition for pleasure and pain, the sublime death agony of my Egoic Objective.

“O hound of hell, expel your venomous sperm on my enemy, desire for evil that annihilates morality, your judgement for the unfortunate human who is now before me.”

The profanation of a body.

Devouring his “breath of life.”

A member of the Memento Mori Nihilist Sect

The spilling of blood on the paths of “absolute truth”

Blood, my blood, impetuous against the lament of the multitude.

Cold, in its wandering red, in the middle of and on the pavement of”absolute truth.”

The heart beats in an atrocious manner, I feel the necessity to act.

What thing is this, who is it, which or what innate force is within me?

I feel, it ascends and comes forth, it excites my senses and rejects the order that I should give it.

What is within me, beating red blood, that which I perceive is the unknown and the hidden roaming among relations, within them, interested and disinterested, they serve my existential project.

Today, like yesterday, the vagabond turns in search of the extreme, of the destruction of the truth, which impacts reality, it doesn’t exist.

It doesn’t exist for the “I”? That’s it!

I look and it surrounds me, the swarm of” emotional” people who say “yes” and “excuse me,” they don’t hear and they don’t know what they are for themselves … to snatch their apathetic essence of life.

I smile and hide in a false suit, I walk in the thought of the enigma and resolve.

Bitch humans, prey that takes and carries, to suction the vital liquid, that congeals their truths, the bottom of their miserable existence.

Moral fear is felt, I have to do what I want, to do harm with my brutal instinct, to slice and copulate intensely.

Lascivious and impure desire, irrational and bloody, descendant of sudden death.

Blood, my blood, impetuous against the lament of the multitude.


A statement of war


“And fine. You who are reading this can say that my prose is crazy, abnormal as you can say that my actions are crazy and abnormal. But your judgements do not interest me at all, I have not asked for them.”

It is not our intention to write another boring text explaining or justifying the reasons why we did this or that barbarity, we know that there will be ,inevitably always,  those who consider our words and our acts as despicable.On the other hand those who agree on the theoretical and the practical do not need more explanations. In any case, we do not seek consensus, or attract or convince anyone because we do not think of ourselves as owners of the unquestionable, unique and universal truth, nor do we claim that everyone should agrees with what we say or do, or impose a unique thought What would be life without the exchange of different sensations, emotions, ideas or points of view, from the discussion and the debate by a disagreement to the irreconcilable and manifest hostility that leads to bloodshed? It would be an even more monotonous, boring, gray and emotionless life than it is already.

We affirm that the search for consensus and total harmony is a fallacy, a humanist utopia only desired by those who do not know how to make a minimally serious analysis of the situation we are in and of the human being and his nature. Neither do we consider having to justify ourselves or give explanations to any “movement,” first because we give explanations to no one but ourselves and because we are outside of any logic of “movements” and “revolutionaries” who fill their mouths with a radical discourse in alternative cafés but are unable to give up the comfort and privileges that it offers to live within the current normality and do something really more than to be part of a social identity (Anarchists, communists, radicals of whatever kind, vegans, feminists, etc.) except occasionally breaking the law in most cases in a mild way and under very specific conditions, the judgments of these “Revolutionary movements,” their words, their criticisms mean nothing and do not matter at all what they have to say, as we are separated by an abyss of perceptions, values and practices. Moreover, political justifications are far away from us, our actions are not political (in fact, we despise this concept) nor are they ruled by any revolutionary or ideological criteria. Our only cause is the cause of ourselves and our egoist satisfaction.

Politics and ideologies are nothing but one of the many chains with which they attach the individual and submit his will and desires, making him believe that a cause alien to him is his “cause”, demanding his sacrifice on behalf of the Revolution, or of freedom, of anarchy, of God, of the fatherland … etc

That is why in this text was intended to be originally a claim of responsabilty for actions, but for strategic reasons as for all of the above, along with the lack of need and desire to justify what we do or not in the face of people who we do not care at all, we have decided not to include the actions within the text and add a few more writings. In addition, each text (claims action or not) leaves tracks and traces, may contain (and in fact contains) important information for subsequent police investigations, as well as sending them via internet, postal mail or other means may leave traces that will lead the perpetrators directly to the prison or to a being followed or investigated by the police. From now on our actions will not be vindicated or signed, neither with texts nor in any other way, we also want to destroy that fetishistic image of “armed organization” and “guerrilla” mythology, we do not want to be the example of anyone. There will be no warning calls or public announcements, we do not ask for anything to anyone or ask for improvements for anything or claim anything, these are our intentions and from now on the only words we will write will be with fire and blood. We consider more important than words and texts is the offensive action we carry out, and those who believe that behind the anonymity hides cowardice and inaction is that they have not understood anything, this is not a contest to carry an acronym to the fame or create a fan club, this is a war and we try to hit as much and better as we can without falling in the attempt, not repeating the mistakes that were made in the past and that many continue to commit in the present. Although we know that this text is likely to be read by people from diverse and varied points of view, we have decided to publish these writings simply as a further contribution to the amoral debate between nihilist, individualist and eco-extremist accomplices everywhere, as well as sharing some experiences and conclusions, so we have tried to write as clear and direct as possible, trying to avoid technicalities, philosophical/pamphleteer or intellectual language. And be as brief as possible, even if that leads us to leave some things behind.
And also we know in advance that many will say that we are incoherent, incongruent and a thousand more critics, we assume our inconsistencies, because we know that whoever presents himself as having the “perfect plan”, that which is not “incoherent” or contradictory is either a liar or an idiot. We just do our part and and that’s it.

“Reality often presents us a very defeatist and very pessimistic scenario. Neverthless, assuming that realism and accepting it as it is, (even if it causes a mental conflict) is necessary to throw away that blindfold that has blinded us for some time, that blindfold called utopia. (…) because for him, the world is full of dark realities, and he must confront these with strength, defending himself from them with tooth and claw”

Unlike many whose simplistic analysis leads them to consider the source of all “evil” an institution, a government or a particular economic system, we affirm that it is the whole of civilization and society, along with moral behavior of the people who form it (the modern human being) the main obstacle. The mechanism of civilization is designed in its entirety to function as a gear that ensures the normal functioning and perpetuation of the current state of things. That is why we attack all the material and human means that make possible this existing reality, going beyond the indifference, passivity and complicity of the citizen and the “professionals” of the social revolution. These attacks do not aspire to overthrow the system or change anything, we are aware that despite the brief moment of action where the alteration of order occurs, everything quickly returns to normality. But it is precisely these brief moments that we seek to experience with our actions, to live moments that free us from boredom, routine and everyday death, satisfying our instincts of hatred and revenge against a world that we can not endure anymore, knowing that even if it was only for a moment, we have created a break in the circuit, although we are aware that everything then returns to normalcy and nothing has changed. Because for a moment we have carried out our revenge against an artificial world that annihilates day by day the little that is still wild and beautiful, if there is still any of that, and we had the courage to follow our instincts. Only for this, although there may be a thousand reasons more, each of our acts of savagery was worth it. Because we know that we will not achieve anything except our own satisfaction, we jump headlong into to the attack for the sake of the attack.

Apart from the pleasure and satisfaction of the preparation and execution of the attack, we must recognize that the gestures of indignation and terror of citizens, politicians, cops, leftists and “radical” anarchists put a smile on our faces and gives a greater satisfaction to our ego. Some of them, voluntary slaves entrenched in the comfort (or misery) of their cell-apartment as the others, informal judges and police, entrenched in the micro-world of gossip and alternative life-style in the cafes and squats , they can go all together holding hands to the fucking hell, we wipe our asses with their complaints, moans and weeping . Because in life there are two kinds of persons, on one side the warriors, those who refuse to surrender and accept passively, those who fight and confront a gray and pessimistic reality, even if it is a desperate struggle without hope or guarantees of anything and then there are the idealists , sufferers, martyrs, eternal victims, those who accept to pathetically sink into the mediocrity of their own misery. And having said this, let everyone chooses his way, we have already chosen ours long time ago.

“Forward all, with the arm and heart, the word and the pen, the dagger and the rifle, irony and blasphemy, robbery, poison and fire. Let’s make war on society ”

The Enemy Within

On the “shocking” murder by ITS at the University City

How disgusting it is to see the whole university community repudiating the new murder perpetrated by the Eco-Extremist Mafia at the University City (UC). All over there they are shrieking like whores, painting their disgusting bodies, crying out for justice, weeping bitter tears over the violent atmosphere that plagues the country like a tree falls after being struck by lightning. We are at War, did you not notice?

How repugnant to see all of those feminists protesting against a “feminicide” in the middle of one of the cradles of progress that is the UC. They fill their fucking mouths with vacuous speeches about “equality” and “equity,” we ask ourselves where they were when ITS killed a man, the Chief of Services of the Chemistry Department in June of last year? At that time no one protested, all of you kept your mouths shut like the cowards that you are. How’s that for equality and equity? Your speeches reek like a drunk man’s vomit after he ate out the pussy of a syphilitic whore of La Merced. You stink. And even more disgusting is the irresistible urge to play the victim. Don’t you realize that in taking that stance you’re playing right into the hands of the system? You make yourselves look like weak defenseless victims. Young people these days who have the urge to be “special snowflakes” and solve the social problems of this society are hopeless. They go on about the same shit that young people forty or five years ago went on about, those people who managed to achieve nothing but their own deaths dreaming of a fallen utopia of the revolution.

These are times of War, violent assaults, murders all over the place, blood on the pavement, brains splattered in the gutters, corruption, illegal guns, armed confrontations, hidden mass graves full of rotting corpses, rapes, abuse, all of these form part of this society. ITS is only a reflection of this putrid society, the cursed children of civilization. With these children the most dark and primitive instincts reappear in our era. The new individualist extremists don’t distinguish between man and woman, black and white, atheist or Catholic, etc. Misanthropic desire fills them; bloodshed, taking joy in death and open and festering wounds urge them on.

The media and authorities are really worried about the actions of ITS in Mexico as well as in other countries, so much so that they have ignored the news of the 29th Communique taking responsibility for them. That says much about the fear that they have that the news might cause panic in various sectors where notable progressivists of renown are hiding out, but we know that more than one knows…

At Maldición Eco-extremista we don’t beat around the bush. We say things as they are and we express how we feel. If this makes some uncomfortable or they find this repulsive, we aren’t making them read our words or the words of the groups that oppose abject humanism.

Support to the Eco-Extremist Mafia!

May the deaths continue!

Destroy and annihilate, more and more…

Destroy and annihilate, more and more…

Now destroy, without truth to save, without any “winter palace” to conquer …

Devastate and radicalize your desire to annihilate and make nihilist ashes the perfect world.

We can make this perfect world a hell of fire, take on the garb of the guerrilla-fighter without guerrilla.

Destroy and break the daily “routine”, in the plundering of the bourgeois life.

They are being paralyzed by boredom, wanting to die of starvation, there is no solution, I thought we could change our minds …

We want to see this world collapsing and consumed by adversity and disaster, we want the ruins of the world to fall into the era of anti-Christian nihilism.

Let’s break the fibers of the sheep society, let’s hit, where they feel safe and less expect it. We are going to erase the certainties, without looking for an order that tells us that we win the false “revolution”.

This society is a world of empty specters, and we, nihilists and terrorists, want to eradicate the human race.

The disintegration of the human race, its fall, its social annihilation, hitting and striking in depth …

Destroy, annihilate, more…

Progetto Amokläufe – from the deep and dark nichilistic cult.