Words following unmentioned Misanthropic Nihilist attacks

With success or failure, sometimes it is difficult to know for sure. But who cares? The experimentation on indiscriminate attack continues because I crave it. Consult your ideologies to figure out why, or even better… ask your conscience.

Nothingness conforms to my senses as my senses conform to Nothing. Sleepless projection manifests in the Descent. I am having sexual intercourse with Chaos. I penetrate it and it penetrates me. How powerful it is to experiment on the destruction of the human notion and the interment of idealism! How petty they all are in the face of nihilistic pure experience and the Negation of the value of value! I rejoice in the Moment and I don’t hold myself back. I hate humans pungently!

My will bursts out of overflowing of Hate and it wants to become the axe with which I will penetrate the imbecility of human societies. Egomania arises and becomes the fuel channeling my black blood towards carrying out the strike of the Nihilist Misanthrope, Defiler of the notion of social training and Violator of the holy spirit of progress.

In the brothel of human existence I laugh nihilistically and I offer my hatred freely. I deny the sickness of freedom in any ethical context. My freedom might be to commit atrocities. Who is going to tell me what is freedom? Who knows what this dictator of the mind is?

Against every sanctimonial self-renunciation, Nihil arise! May the Abyss become the amputation of human existence. Terror align with my power to retaliate on this septic world. Blood flow through my veins, with every attack give me a new birth, the birth of the neverending End.

Complicity with Nihilist Terrorist sects, Criminalistic Nihilists, Antisocial Misanthropes, GITS and with ITS!

To spread the plague of the misanthropic tendencies of Nihilism and Eco-extremism!

Nihilist aggressor, Misanthropos Cacogen

(Chile) Thirty-Seventh Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

Stealthy like the puma, on Monday August 7th we boarded a bus transporting masses and herds. We look at the faces of the passengers: there are 8 or 9 of them, and they all have the same face. They are all dominated by dirty society, worn down from the work that gives them artificial progress and false comfort. We don’t feel sorry for them, they’re all the same. They disgust us, their very existence perpetuates the same hyper-civilized society that enslaves them, the one that destroyed the natural state. This society annihilated our ancestors who did know how to live in the wild.

We carried a contraption with us. We had tested it before, leaving nothing to chance. It’s simple: two bottles filled with gasoline, a boiling mixture, a bulb, a clock with modifications that gave us time, and a switch as the safety. We left it under a seat and we sat in the back. We calculated the time and got off before it went off. Even though people were not burned, the damage we caused was more than what was expected. This time luck with on our side: the fire reached the electrical wires and lit a business on fire that turned out to be a hardware store!! Three birds with one stone: the Transantiago bus, the power line, and the store where more machines and chemical products were sold! Attention, the next ones could be those who use them!

This time the place we attacked was planned so that it coincided with an avenue where they are building a new corridor of the Transantiago and new metro lines, where more vehicles that carry imbeciles will occupy spaces that once were wild. This time it was the north of the city, before it was in Providencia, tomorrow it could be in any part of this dirty capital that we choose.

And lastly… No press, it was not a malfunction of the bus, don’t be stupid… this time more direct in the eye! No police-prosecutors-judges-government-whatever, don’t use the cliché statement, “causes that are still being investigated”. You were no match for the dudes from ITS-HMB, nor for the S.I…. now you don’t want to open more cases that you won’t be able to solve. This was our work and we take responsibility for it. Come at us from wherever, you won’t find us. Look for us on you security cameras, you won’t find us there because there were none. We planned this well and we aren’t prepared to transform ourselves into symbols, we would rather die first. We are already in hiding, stalking other prey.

Vengeance! The wekufes accompany us, and the darkness keeps us.

War against human progress!

Sincere complicity! Long live the Mafia of Extremist Individualists!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

-Vengeful Inquisitory Band

Communique of the Wildfire Cell / Nocturnal Pyromaniac Fraction


Several months have passed since the Wildfire Cell (at the end of its previous phase) signed its last communique, and while we do not give any “justifications” for our motives, we feel it is worthwhile to point out that we have maintained this period of silence for purely strategic reasons.

Anyway, we have already made it clear enough that we have not claimed responsibility for every attack which we have carried out. As well as being a tactical choice in order to continue and intensify our chaotic and criminal projects without leaving so many identifiable traces for the hounds of civilized law and order, we speak of things only when it makes sense for us and pleases us to do so.

However, given some recent events, we individuals feel it is time to say a few things, and it would seem that a few things will have to be repeated for the miserable idiots who we will be addressing shortly.


We havent gone away, as some so clearly would have hoped. Oh no, quite the contrary! As we have continued to experiment, develop and grow as individuals and as a criminal organisation, our network has continued to spread across several countries in Europe. Here and elsewhere across the oceans, more and more disillusioned and bitter individualists continue to come into the misanthropic and eco-extremist fold with weapons drawn, abandoning whatever dregs remained of their former ideological associations, to confront the grim and pessimistic reality and dive headlong into the nihilistic abyss of the attack for the sake of attack.

It fills us with profound satisfaction whenever we learn that our crew has carried out more and more violent attacks, wild arson sprees, expropriations and other criminal misdeeds, which given the varying natures of these crimes naturally includes both decisive and indiscriminate attacks. Like the feral individualists who lurked on the sidelines and mingled amongst the packs of yapping dogs in Hamburg before seizing the opportunities to run amok, burn countless cars and loot some stores, spreading a bit of disorder and chaos throughout the smouldering wreck of the city.

(Shock, horror! Not everyone at the G20 summit was there with some morally-defensible philanthropic intent? If this surprises you, you are an idiot, and if this notion disturbs you, be sure to dial 325 to snitch us up to the anarcho-cops. I’m sure they’d be pleased to hear your complaints. If they’re not too busy conducting another pitiful sermon to denounce all the Egoist demons and iconoclastic turncoats who desecrate the dusty tombs of their beloved Saint Anarchy, or frantically masturbating over news of a couple of slashed tyres or some pretty pieces of cloth hanging from public bridges, that is.)

It also pleases us equally to read the words and hear of the attacks carried out by various groups and individuals, who, whilst not directly related to our network or entirely aligned to our declared personal war, have gone on the offensive without any hope of success, leaving smoking ruins out of offices, communications towers, random vehicles and the homes of the hyper-civilized in France, the UK, Denmark and more. Sending strength to our feral accomplices wherever they roam.

We also return greetings and encouragement to the groups of ITS and all the others who aim their bombs, bullets and blades at technological mass-society in all of its manifestations, from the CEOs of earth-raping corporations, the disgusting machinery, the loyal workers and whichever bastard citizen happens to get in the way.


Speaking of 325 and the now maggot-ridden corpse of the Informal Anarchist Federation, its celebrities, priests, monks and worshippers…

We do not care to “tally” and “categorize” our actions so as to fill the webpages of the “autonomous media”. We do not want to confine our wild passions to the confines of some “rational” explanation, broken down by dates, locations and so on. All of that so as to be “accepted” by people who we dont give a shit about? So that any weak-minded idiot will be able to “comprehend” the abyss that seperates us from them? Not a chance.

We dont give a fuck if some “revolutionary” media-circus censors our heretical deeds and communiques, our propaganda efforts continue in various underground publications (which do not exist on the internet), and we dont need wretches like 325 to coordinate our groups and communicate. Our uncivilized and informal war is our own, and we know fully well who our enemies are. Your indignation stirs only laughter in us.

Darko Mathers would be turning in his grave if he’d seen what a bunch of pathetic, whining, ideologically-constipated, moralistic shits you lot have become. You clowns are the new fucking indymedia! Oh wait, shit, we forgot, only you are allowed to mention certain dead people, lest their “good names” be tarnished by those outside of your little club. Though as others have already mentioned, in the past some were more close to your circles than you might care to think. Watch your backs, you snitching little cowards. Your actions have consequences.

Nothing is over.

The war continues!

Wildfire Cell / Nocturnal Pyromaniac Fraction

Thirty-Sixth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

The fire “spoke”, the mania to light vehicles has not left us, nor will it ever.

In the early morning of the first day of August, we lit a trailer on fire in the alternate avenue of the Via Lopez Portillo, around Fovissste, in Ecatepec, Mexico State.

Our device consumed the entire accursed machine. The flames were unleashed and expanded threatening the surrounding houses that also deserve to burn. It would not have mattered to us if the slumbering citizens came out hurt, intoxicated, or whatever, since all in this repugnant society deserves to lie in smoldering ashes.

With this first act we declare to the authorities that we’re back. We are going to unleash a wave of indiscriminate / selective arsons sooner or later. So don’t be surprised if this picks up…

Our devices are designed to burn and some minutes afterwards to detónate. So we recommend that heroic citizens should be aware of the consequences should they try to put out the Great Consumer.

Because we hate the loud, disruptive, and harmful machines, symbol of despicable human progress:

Fire and explosives against civilization

With the Wild at our side!

Courage to criminality!

-Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico State)

Pagan Sect of the Mountain

Thirty-fifth communique of ITS (México)

“Do not wait for everyone to like you, but to get tired of hating you”

We continue the attacks against religious places undertaken by the brothers of Popocatzin Clan on July 14 with their thunderous package-bomb that left a serious injured in Mexico City, egoistically we claim the responsibility for the following actions during this week:

Leaving a package-bomb inside the Great Temple of Jehova Witnesses located on the avenue Lopez Portillo, in front of the mexibus station De la Cruz-San Mateo, in the town of Coacalco, Mexico State.Incendiary Device composed of gasoline, napalm and other flammable materials detonated on the door of a catholic church located on the Avenue Lago de Guadalupe, in Atizapan, Mexico State.Brother accomplices, let the acts speak instead of words!

Let the anti-humanistic threat of the ITS groups, of the Terrorist Nihilists groups and antisocial individuals continue despite any obstacle!

Fire, bombs, bullets, threats and knives against the representatives of EVERY religion, including the “elite” bureaucrats from the satanist churches!

The steps of war and confrontation of our ancestors accompany us in the ambush!

Death to the moral of the attack!

¡Axkan kema, tehuatl, nehuatl!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico State)

-Ouroboros Silvestre

Thirty-Fourth Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild


“I prefer nothing to be true before any of you being right, before your truth is right.”

-F. Nietzsche

Our path has become uncomfortable, nauseating, despicable, and the other pejoratives that the humanists never tire of hurling at us. The acts of ITS as well as its words don’t stop offending the great horde of anarchist sons of leftism. It seems that they can’t confront the terrifying fact of the Death of Anarchism. They can’t let go of the rotting corpse, they weep without any consolation, just as the crowd of women cried in their great sorority for the staggering body of Lesvy Osorio who was killed by our sisters and brothers who lurk about the horrible streets of Mexico City. This murder provoked such indignation that even the most radical leftists vowed to “kill the eco-extremists,” while a tear streamed down their cheek provoked by the death of some woman they didn’t know. What a beautiful and altruistic world!

Why weep for the hyper-civilized world and its humans?! How many tears do we humans deserve, who in our condition of homo sapiens have done nothing but drive the Earth into this debacle. We don’t deserve any tears, we deserve extinction. But the human drinks, eats, breathes, fucks, sleeps, consumes, lives… feeling himself God, the most luminous and indispensable thing in existence. Those anarchists with noble hearts who claim to be anti-anthropocentric but deny and fuss over indiscriminate attack that harms “innocents” are nothing but hypocrites. Does not the hyper-civilized feel like God? Or is that only a habitus of the powerful? It’s as if the young man of the poorest neighborhood didn’t dream of driving a Lamborghini, or of wearing gold chains and having ten women in his bed. That’s unfortunate for those who believe that: there are NO innocents. Civilization in this techno-industrial epoch has molded the human, educating him and making him docile when he is believed to be violent. He becomes a servant who smiles because it says he’s free, that is, it has made him hyper-civilized.

We eco-extremists don’t see innocents at the moment we attack. It should be pointed out that the attacks have become more indiscriminate each time. We have become blind men who have abandoned hope and have opted for the misanthropic. Supporting this Tendency that walks on the road of misanthropy we claim responsibility for: Some days ago we abandoned another explosive envelope with even more black powder in it than the one that exploded on that young girl Michelle on the Alameda Zaragoza last April. This time again we abandoned it in ANOTHER public place: in the Venustiano Carranza Forest in the city of Torreón. We don’t know what happened to the envelope. We think that it was found by the police who patrol the area, or it could be that one of these days the badly intentioned device explodes on another curious girl like Michelle. How misogynist are all of those eco-extremists who place bombs that detonate on women! Poor people, if they only knew…

For indiscriminate attack!

Let us take the road of misanthropy!

All hope is dead!

We do not see men or women, only a mass of hyper-civilized!

An accomplice embrace to ITS groups in the south and the new groups that share our words!

Strength to the sharp theoreticians in the United States who respond and silence all of the “big talking anarchists,” strength to our brothers in Central Mexico who have made the anarchists of that part of the world tremble!

Nothing ends!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild-Torreón

Flint Point Hidden Clan

From the hell of 42 degrees centigrade, Torreón, July 2017

Thirty-Second Communique of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico)

traduzione di “Algol”  del trentaduesimo  comunicato delle ITS

¡Fuerza para la Mafia de ITS en México!

“Curiosity killed the cat.”

We’ve gotten to the point that wounding people not associated with the target is all the same to us, and more because it takes away the joy of striking at those who we choose. In any case the joy at having caused human suffering and bloody wounds persists.

This time we didn’t go out to strangle, stab, or shoot anyone. We didn’t go out to burn, but we did go out with a package-bomb that was tremendously effective when we abandoned it at one of the institutions most detested by us and our ancestors always thirsty for vengeance.

This time, as a target we picked an abject Catholic church located on Avenida de los Insurgentes Norte, in Colonia Lindavista, Delegación Gustavo A. Madero, north of Mexico City.

That’s how it went when in the early evening of July 13th, we abandoned our bomb in the gardens of that church. It was in a black box which contained a galvanized nipple full of nails and marbles. The package had an electromechanical switch, that is, it exploded when the top was opened. On the package was written, “A gift for the House of the Lord, with love.” We did this thinking that the bomb would be taken into the church and it would explode in the “house” of the Western god imposed for centuries.

But, as the press knows, our package-bomb did not explode in the church, but a curious and dumb man was passing by, saw the package, and seeing the word, “gift,” put aside his “Christian honesty,” (which of course only happens in Mexico, son of a bitch!), and, upon opening it at a bus stop, an infernal detonation tore through his old and disgusting flesh. His fingers were blown off, his hands were severely burned, his guts were hanging out, and surely his eardrums were punctured, all that for being a dumbass. They say that you get what you deserve, and it seems in this case, the saying is true…

Let it be known that the attack was directed at the church, but in any case, a meddling Good Samaritan “sacrificed” himself without realizing it, and received wounds that were intended for the religious of that vomit-inducing place. Let it be known as well that if the church and its faithful came out safe and sound in this eco-extremist attack, we aren’t going to rest until we see their churches burned, and we slit the throats of its priests and nuns, and indiscriminately wound religious society as a whole, Amen.

Let’s see if with this the PGJ continues to deny our existence as they have been doing for some time. Maybe they’ll invent some stupid excuse to cover the sun with a finger as they are wont to do at this point. Maybe now the authorities, after reading of our taking responsibility for this action, will retract what they have said previously and deny that the man was wounded by a bomb, but rather was wounded by an accumulation of gas that came out of the ground or some other stupidity of that type, HA!

The investigative police, the agents of the Attorney General’s Office, and the useless people in the Task Force already know who is responsible for this attack. You and we know that the galvanized nipple had the initials “ITS” written on it. But for some reason you said nothing about it to the press, naughty kids!

The “demons” of the natives massacred by the invading Christians are on the loose, no one and nothing will detain their fury.

The attacks continue in the form of murders, arson, package-bombs, and in general, in the deformed “form” of CHAOS!

Courage to the individualist egoists, the eco-extremists, the nihilist terrorists who have shaken off the sickness of humanism and strike without any regrets!

Wounds, blood, suffering, and death to the hyper-civilized!

With the Unknowable at our side:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico City

-Popocatzin Clan

Nihilistic claim for antipolitical misanthropic attacks

First months of 2017:

A failed attempt to burn some random cars because the incendiary device was shitty as fuck.

3 Coca Cola bottles poisoned with hydrochloric acid left indiscriminately at various places inside city centre.

2 arson attacks, a house backyard destroyed and another yard of a house with vehicles inside torched.

Today with chemicals, or gasoline… Who knows with what next, who cares. My weapon is ready to deliver a blow in the depths of social pustulosis. Calculating, patient, minding my step into the unknown of chance, diving into my battle outnumbered but I am persistent, my flesh burns into the boiling enjoyment of the consuming fire, that will engulf the temples of the normal man like an aphrodisiomania which penetrates my nerves. Fuck deliverance, through a sacramental absorption of the refined scripts of ethics in an anaemic existence, chained onto the whip of metaphysical correction.

From the Nihilist void emerges the pure unadulterated hate. The moments that the pathetic vessel of the humanoid becomes the beast. These moments of metamorphosis are the moments I crave. Raw, piercing, anti-human. Devouring the gregarious nature of human existence and regurgitating in a ravaging volitious urge for destruction and disintegration of everything it constitutes.

An entrapped beast in the sewers of humanity attacks, where the descending course of the ego is inescapable, the stench of physical slavery fills my lungs until they explode with nihilistic hate for the humanity of humans. Swimming into the putridity of sameness my flesh arises, I find myself into the hallways of the great isolation of misanthropic deviation until I reach the moment of revenge towards the sacred society. I bow to no human temple, before me your gods are ashes. Antisocial hatred becomes the knife to gut every human world.

Fuck you all!

Do you know what is this demonic need? How could you…To blow your mind with egoic instincts, flowing from the deep, negating the whole framework of artificiality? There is no ”victory” over anything. There is the choice to attack and penetrate this fake world. There is the egotistical need and satisfaction. I see things through a raw pessimism and not its existentialist form that fails to remove metaphysicality. By destroying the artificiality of the human quests for the spirit and immortality, the womb of progressivist belief and action. I speak about antihumanism and Nihilism in their purest forms. Everyone’s flesh will be turned into meat in a morgue at some point. Shit to the attitude of heroic death. Shit to the beautification of everything uncomfortable about the human existence. Experimenting into the chaos of arbitrariness and injustice, challenging the determinism of the human conduct. No remorse, no regret, no stupid emotionalism. Fuck the christianism of every form of guilt and conscience! There is no attempt of a presentation of a ”superior self” or a justification of it, only my ego, negating any remnants of ethical injection into the action – justification relation. I am the one who acts, not the idea, I perish into the chaotic abyss and welcome staring at myself without colorful eyes.

I am a poisonous wound gestated in the bowels of urban rot and the ethical carnivals of man that mocks and attacks the human world. That pisses on its masks and every form it takes. I am a perverted sickfuck that doesn’t give a fuck about anyone. To drink from the grail of life in a beastly form, the form of indiscriminate attack, in its purely amoral sense, that having extirpated the ethical framework, observes, understands and delivers without any moral sentiment. Long enough have I satisfied my thirst drinking from the bogs of humanity, feeling my mouth dry like consuming ashes.

These actions were done with intent to harm people and cause fear. A blow to the moral man where he feels safe.

Total complicity with the eco-extremists and Nihilist terrorists!

For the expansion of the propaganda against humanism and humanists!

For the expansion of misanthropic action!

Nihilist aggressor, Misanthropos Cacogen