I Am My Blood

From the innermost bowels I emerge,

having become one with my surroundings.

Ina Ahisa Suharruru

Ornaments of my odium await under the dark skies,

until I dig up the rage in the opportune disintegration of time.

Abanaskuppatu Hadu Karmu

I abandon the existence of moral reality,

with egolatric diadem into my gardens of death.

Rimanis Pulhu

Adored fire consume rapidly to satisfy my hunger,

like an extension of my hand that breaks in the sanctuary of the human.

Ogrof Ningramfgmenth Ogof


The Return of Artaud, The Momo*


The anchored spirit,
screwed into me
by the psycho-
lubricious thrust
of the sky
is the one who thinks
every temptation,
every desire,
every inhibition.

o dedi
o dada orzoura
o dou zoura
a dada skizi

o kaya
o kaya pontoura
o ponoura
a pena

It’s the penetral spider veil,
the female onor fur
of either or the sail,
the anal plate of anayor.

(You lift nothing from it, god,
because it’s me.
You never lifted anything of this order from me.
I’m writing it here for the first time,
I’m finding it for the first time.)

Not the membrane of the chasm,
nor the member omitted from this jism,
issued from a depredation,

but an old bag,
outside membrane,
outside of there where it’s hard or soft.

B’now passed through the hard and soft,
spread out this old bag in palm,
pulled, stretched like a palm
of hand
bloodless from keeping rigid,
black, violet
from stretching to soft.

But what then in the end, you, the madman?


This tongue between four gums,

this meat between two knees,

this piece of hole
for madmen.

Yet precisely not for madmen.
For respectable men,
whom a delirium to belch everywhere planes,

and who from this belch
made the leaf,

listen closely:
made the leaf
of the beginning of generations
in the palmate old bag of my holes,

Which holes, holes of what?

Of soul, of spirit, of me and of being;
but in the place where no one gives a shit,
father, mother, Atraud, artoo.

In the humus of the plot with wheels,
in the breathing humus of the plot
of this void,
between hard and soft.

Black, violet,
and that’s all

Which means that there is a bone,
sat down on the poet,
in order to sack the ingestion
of his lines,
like the head farts
that he wheedles out of him through his cunt,

that he would wheedle out of him from the bottom of the ages,
down to the bottom of his cunt hole,

and it’s not a cunt prank
that he plays on him in this way,
it’s the prank of the whole earth
against whoever has balls
in his cunt.

And if you don’t get the image
-and that’s what I hear you saying
in a circle,
that you don’t get the image
which is at the bottom
of my cunt hole,-

it’s because you don’t know the bottom,
not of things,
but of my cunt,
although since the bottom of the ages
you’ve all been lapping there in a circle
as if badmouthing an alienage,
plotting an incarnation to death.

ge re ghi
e reghena
a gegha

Between the ass and the shirt,
between the gism and the under-bet,
between the member and the let down,
between the membrane and the blade,
betweeen the slat and the ceiling,
between the sperm and the explosion,
‘tween the fishbone and ‘tween the slime,
between the ass and everyone’s
of the high-pressure trap
of an ejaculation death rattle
is neither a point
nor a stone

burst dead at the foot of a bound

nor the severed member of a soul
(the soul is no more than an old saw)
but the terrifying suspension
of a breath of alienation

raped, clipped, completely sucked off
by all the insolent riff-raff
of all the turd-buggered
who had no other grub
in order to live
than to gobble
there, where one can fuck sooner
than me
and the other get hard higher
than me
in myself
if he has taken care to put his head
on the curvature of that bone
located between anus and sex,

of that hoed bone that I say

in the filth
of a paradise
whose first dupe on earth
was not father nor mother
who diddled you in this den
screwed into my madness.

And what seized hold of me
that I too rolled my life there?
NOTHING, nothing.
Because I,
I am there,
I’m there
and it is life
that rolls its obscene palm there.

And afterward?

Afterward? Afterward?
The old Artaud
is buried

in the chimney hole
he owes to his cold gum
to the day when he was killed!

And afterward?
He is this unframed hole
that life wanted to frame.
Because he is not a hole
but a nose
that always knew all too well to sniff
the wind of the apocalyptic
which they suck on his clenched ass,
and that Artaud’s ass is good
for pimps in Miserere.

And you too you have your gum,
your right gum buried,

you too your gum is cold
for an infinity of years
since you sent me your innate ass
to see if I was going to be born
at last
since the time you were waiting for me
while scraping my absentee belly.

menendi anenbi
tarch inemptle
o marchti rombi
tarch paiolt
a tinemptle
orch pendui
o patendi
a merchit
orch torrpch
ta urchpt orchpt
ta tro taurch
ko ti aunch
a ti aunch

Antonin Artaud

*The Momo, in the Port City of Marseille, is the name given to the oft ridiculed city bum.
Momos are schizo in their own way, Momos epitomize The Pharmakos**.


**The word in question is pharmakos (wizard, magician, poisoner), a synonym of pharmakeus (which Plato uses), but with the unique feature of having been overdetermined, overlaid by Greek culture with another function. Another role and a formidable one.The character of the pharmakos has been compared to a scapegoat. The evil and the outside, the expulsion of the evil, its exclusion out of the body and out of the city.




Day by day, a longing appeal to the void grows within me. The razorous edge of a cold and calculating nihilistic logic is like a scalpel that cuts both ways and only those who have turned that same scalpel upon themselves and penetrated deep into the emptiness within can comprehend me now, and what would I care if even they cannot? I have cast off the burden of chains left behind from every dead ideal and false relationship and now I roam freely in an abyss of indifference, staring into the unknown with eager anticipation.

In this mire of civilised deprivation, this artificialised mockery of existence, I seek out the negating moments of unadulterated sensation and wild, chaotic instincts. From the depths of rage and despair to the unknown limits of pleasure, I crave raw experience in the here and now. The egoistic affirmation of my beastly will to live lifts me to the sublime and euphoric peaks of my heretical existence, and I revel in orgiastic outbursts of pyromaniacal urges and the perverse thrill of the attack on the paths of blood and fire. Through incendiary experimentation in the annihilation of social and personal values, I reveal only myself to myself in the end. I could no longer give a damn about all the rest. I stand alone, an iconoclast amongst the ashes.

In battle no law prevails, to strike the enemy is all that matters. My blood affinities who have chosen to walk the indiscriminate path know this well. Meanwhile the screeching apostles of Humanity raise their ugly heads and shake their fists all around me, but they cannot touch me, because those cowards – self-imprisoned in the comfort of their ethical and ideological temples – would not dare to cross the chasm that now stands between us.


Spirit of war and death

We Nihilists and Terrorists, we abandon the pale of the soft and harmonious universe of human relations.

Integrity, linearity, conscience, the righteousness of things disgusts us as we repudiate them (men and moral concepts).

There are two types of spirit: the ideal and sober, pure feelings of equity, and then there is the spirit of war and death.

We, the Nihilist Criminals, fight in our Terrorist battle, proud and rivals of the immense distance between a passive, forward-looking, merciful spirit, to see if with their own steps there is risk of treading someone, always putting “hands forward.”

We are the caustic amorality, using sharp and destructive knives, which penetrate the breach of this obligation, inherent human idealism, that thinks and leads to continue in a weak and orderly point.

We have our end, which follows the war in peace of mind, to encourage and inspire us, not to give up the shortcomings of social life.

Our order, does not pursue animated concepts of the death of the values ​​of reason or evil, of behavior that teaches “Knock before entering.”

This infamous world sees us “dressed” as terrorists in black, who emit abjection and obscenity, with a look dedicated to goodness.

The spirit of war and death, rupture and dispute, a sudden explosion, in a powerful and aggressive shock, comes knowing at any moment, memento mori.

Fanatics of insanity, who with abnormality, do not fall into the possibility of shit or science, students of fucking logic, on the contrary…

We move in the deep cave of nihilistic cult, immense and unfathomable, listening in the darkness, that emptiness that impels us, “without hope”, in the depths and in a ravine, where the spirits of war and death dwell.

This agonizing and moribund world lives a sentimental passive apathy …

It withers, dries, fades, disappears, succumbs, becomes extinct …

Project Amokläufe – of the deep and dark Nihilistic cult.



I hate every human.

I see through the common animals.

The one that eats what they serve it.

Shaking its hand like the old man drowned in prejudice of the hoi polloi cultural prisons.

Never to be able to grasp the world outside the christian morality.

This is the animal that the societies of conservative deadhouses created and tamed.

I hate every human.

The progressive types entangled in the eternal panchreston for a freedom that emanates from the mind.

Never existed, never will.

The perpetuators of religious ethics.

Children of the human.

I detest the modern materialists, these pretentious bags of shit, twofaced hollow zombies of the consumer society.

I loathe the idealists, the moronic imbeciles of conscience that can’t grasp the world for what it is.

I jab a knife in the heart of all collective thinking and acting!

I hate you all bastards!

Do you hear me you fuckin cadavers?

All dreams are dead, because this is what they deserve. Everything must perish!

My alienation is total! Nothing will stand if I can destroy it!

I only search for ways to hurt you and destroy your existence.

I breathe acerbic contempt and undiluted hatred.

All my life I have been surrounded by these fools who would aspire to rip my flesh if I didn’t hide my real intentions and thoughts of the beyond.


Two-legged biological evolution of the sheep!

A new breed for slaughter, the definition of enslavement and contamination.

But most of all I hate the human consciousness.

Which lashes at me to enter the gate of the metaphysical.

Which transforms me into a crippled organism possessed by the search for essence.

I hate all humans!

Overvalued animals, a mistake of nature.


Some criminal tips: DNA, video surveillance and other traces

The study and practical application of techniques in the field of genetics for police purposes has been developing for some time now. Given the importance that the police investigation bodies give to this field, since it makes their work much easier, it is inevitable that the progress of the technology focused on this field will develop quickly and be cheaper, this makes it increasingly a technique more used even for “minor” crimes.
Obviously not everywhere police investigations are done in the same way, and it is clear that depends on the characteristics of the crime to investigate (number of victims, media impact / political … etc.) Will devote more funds and effort, anyway it is advisable to never trust oneself and always act with the utmost caution.

The extremist individualists will never enjoy acceptance, always being a minority, we can not afford unnecessary risks or become martyrs.
We consider it extremely useful, and virtually obligatory, for any individualist at war to learn from the methods the enemy uses to trap us (or kill us) that information in our favor.

For this reason, part of the information presented here has been taken from police sources such as the interpol DNA research report (the PDF is uploaded to the internet in English) and we also recommend the “Exclusion: no coincidence” fanzine only in Spanish) edited recently by anarchists and with very interesting information on the investigation of DNA traces. Without any moral or ethical problem, we take the information valid for our purposes and recommend its reading for more detailed information of the subject, since this text only contains very basic information.

We will not focus on technical-scientific details, we will go directly to what is useful for the extremist.


DNA is used for the identification of people, DNA is found in virtually anything that comes out of our body, blood, sweat, saliva, tears, feces, hairs, remains or skin cells … although we need a specific amount to do a successful identification, the percentage of DNA required is becoming smaller due to the great advances in the field of genetic research. It can be said with certainty that everything we touch, the clothes we wear etc., is impregnated with traces with our DNA, the thing is to minimize them to the maximum to avoid or make difficult the investigations.

But how can we avoid or counteract DNA traces? there are a few tips.
The first thing is not to touch ANYTHING that will be used in a crime, not only with our hands, but with no part of the body. Try to acquire the materials or tools that we need in the most possible safe way (for example that they are packaged), in the same way, do not store these materials, tools, weapons or whatever house, in our closet, under the bed or in any other place that frequent you, your accomplices or people related to you (especially relatives, since they contain many similarities with your DNA) since these places are FULL of traces of your DNA like hair or cells that are released from the skin … etc ., and which can easily adhere to the materials. The DNA of animals or pets can also be identified.

The ideal is to store sensitive material in a place other than your home (this for multiple reasons not only DNA) with several plastic bags (new, not previously used) as a cover to avoid contamination of DNA, dust, soil or other traces that can be identified.

The same thing happens with the construction of artifacts, cleaning weapons etc., must be done on aseptic surfaces, we can use for example plastics or large bags to cover the entire surface on which we are going to work, so it will be necessary to cover our body COMPLETELY, including eyes as they can detach eyelashes, eyebrow hair, tears …, the ideal is to wear a work overalls. Obviously all the material must be brand new, both what we use to isolate the environment as the clothes we wear, the tools we use … and yes, the tools also leave specific traces. We can also work in the middle of the forest, if we do not need electricity and we have no other place to do it, we still have to take precautions both with the environment and with us.

In the event of touching something accidentally, the fingerprints can be removed by rubbing vigorously with a cloth soaked in degreasing liquid (alcohol or acetone go well), some materials like the metal require that the cleaning be with metal scouring so that the surface is ” deformed “or modify as the tracks will not go away with a simple cleaning with rag.

Do not leave anything in the crime scene or in its surroundings, clothes, tools, weapons, caps or anything. The blood stains do not go away, even if they do not “see” the trail is still in the clothes, just as if there was a fight or a hand-to-hand fight with someone, their traces remain in us and our clothes. Shooting or manipulating black powder (for example in the construction of an explosive device) also leaves traces impossible to eliminate and we assume that the same thing happens with other chemical substances, therefore it is better to use one-time clothes in each action (depending on what Let’s do it, of course). Get rid of everything safely, better destroy it and burn it if possible, and away from where the action has happened.

Finally, it is said that cleaning with liquid antiseptics (such as those in hospitals) contaminates or destroys DNA traces, we do not know to what extent this is safe, although it is not too bad to give one last cleaning with this substance …

All this may seem very daunting to perform, but in extremist action it is better to take time, patience and good preparation to hit more and better.


For years now, most of the big cities have been plagued by video-surveillance cameras, now not just those of traffic or those that install by “public safety”, as well as public buildings, ministries, train stations … that thanks to the rise of cheap technology, any imbecile can install his own closed circuit video surveillance. In this way we find cameras in private homes, shops, garages and even there are those who place cameras in their vehicles.Some are false, we know that, others are high definition and others record with a painful quality but we must treat all as if they were real, every camera represents danger.

Apart from this, there is still another type, cameras for mobile phones, any idiot today, even children have a smartphone, which not only enables you to call the police, but also to record or take photos.

How does this contrast? Here are some suggestions:

Look for paths without cameras, look every corner well, every trade … the cameras can be placed anywhere, sometimes they are hidden …
Prepare several alternative routes always, look for hidden place where to change of appearance and clothes, to make sure that there is nobody observing from some window …
If it is impossible to make a route without cameras, if they are only one or few and are within reach, they can be deactivated or destroyed without attracting attention (for example by cutting the cables or blinding them with a paint spray) but not the same moment of the action because this may attract unwanted attention, it can be done several days before the action and check if they have been repaired before performing the mischief.

If there is no other choice but to be recorded, wear clothing that is broad enough to deface the body’s characteristics, body shape, height, gender … get the clothes for better second-hand action, street markets, or stolen. In general, you should not pay anything that you are going to use in any illegal action with credit card or to keep receipts, to buy clothes and materials with sufficient time in advance and far from your place of residence and from where the action is going to happen.

Walking late at night one or more people dressed in black and with balaclava catches the attention of anyone who crosses through. For some actions in urban areas it is preferable to wear “normal” clothing, which is not flashy, or even dress in “fashionably”. And instead of ski masks, a cap, glasses and scarf or, better yet, wigs, false beards and artistic latex. Obviously the disguise must seem realistic and credible, otherwise better not to use it.

Double life, psychology and mental state.

To live a double life can sometimes be difficult to cope with, especially in the beginning, not only because one has to be extremely meticulous to maintain the “facade”, but also because it can often cause a mental conflict with oneself. To live a double life requires a willpower of steel, patience, sacrifice and a lot of cold blood.

When an individualist decides to move from words / thoughts to facts, today, given the characteristics of this type of war and the factors that surround it, practically it becomes impossible to have durability and “success” without carrying some type of double life that conceals our intentions and acts in the eyes of the rest of the world. It is necessary to have clear things in the mind before engaging in a life immersed in the chaos of war without permanent barracks, since the consequences that they carry if certain rules are not fulfilled can be irreversible. This is not a joke, death and imprisonment are very real and the risk accompanies us daily.

Before starting a criminal / terrorist activity it is necessary to change many things to have a minimum security guarantees, or rather, to live a double life you may have to change your whole being: Starting with your appearance and “look”, your personality and even your way of socializing, your circle of friends and acquaintances, where you move and what places you frequent … you have to soak in knowledge about different ways to go unnoticed in both real life and the internet, a thousand and one things that we change the life completely and for which it is necessary to be mentally prepared, and to take into account that this change could not happen from one day to another, because this also calls the attention. You have to be aware that many things have to be given up and you have to be prepared to take certain sacrifices with integrity. For example if we have “problematic” friendships or frequent places that attract the attention of the authorities … are luxuries that we can not afford and we must renounce them, even if these friendships are for years or if we share the same blood … and give up ourselves, to our past life … is something that is not easy. One of the characteristics of double life includes lying and acting falsely to hide in the society we hate, not infrequently we must bite our tongue and pretend to smile, in front of strangers but also of acquaintances and relatives. Enduring all day absurd conversations and pretending interest in the same nonsense idiocy as the rest of the sheep around you … you have to have a great capacity for self-control not to betray yourself and fit like a hyper-civilized being more, like one more of the herd. To build a parallel personality on which to conceal our true Self, and in a way to “transform” itself into everything we hate, is by no means an easy task.

The human being is a social animal, the fact that extremist individualists (of whatever type) are and always will be a minority living in the shadows, makes it difficult for many to find accomplices or affinities that share our points of view and sometimes this can lead us to feel alone and therefore try to look for affinities in our close circles or the internet. This is a fatal error.

Starting conversations of “sensitive” issues with acquaintances or family members may make them start to suspect, moreover, the fact that they can share some point of view with you does not imply real complicity.

Keep in mind that for the immense majority of people around us, we are the enemy, if they knew what we were plotting or, worse, they would know or just imagine our criminal / terrorist activities, they would be scared and would betray us to the authorities, and it does not matter if they are friends or relatives, there are issues and conversations that are much better not to mention and obviously NOBODY outside our group of accomplices (if there is such a group) should be aware of our activities under no circumstances.

For the rest of the world we must be ordinary people, people who do not dirty their hands and who respect law and order. The last one who they would think when pointing the finger as the author of an illegal act.

Words following unmentioned Misanthropic Nihilist attacks

With success or failure, sometimes it is difficult to know for sure. But who cares? The experimentation on indiscriminate attack continues because I crave it. Consult your ideologies to figure out why, or even better… ask your conscience.

Nothingness conforms to my senses as my senses conform to Nothing. Sleepless projection manifests in the Descent. I am having sexual intercourse with Chaos. I penetrate it and it penetrates me. How powerful it is to experiment on the destruction of the human notion and the interment of idealism! How petty they all are in the face of nihilistic pure experience and the Negation of the value of value! I rejoice in the Moment and I don’t hold myself back. I hate humans pungently!

My will bursts out of overflowing of Hate and it wants to become the axe with which I will penetrate the imbecility of human societies. Egomania arises and becomes the fuel channeling my black blood towards carrying out the strike of the Nihilist Misanthrope, Defiler of the notion of social training and Violator of the holy spirit of progress.

In the brothel of human existence I laugh nihilistically and I offer my hatred freely. I deny the sickness of freedom in any ethical context. My freedom might be to commit atrocities. Who is going to tell me what is freedom? Who knows what this dictator of the mind is?

Against every sanctimonial self-renunciation, Nihil arise! May the Abyss become the amputation of human existence. Terror align with my power to retaliate on this septic world. Blood flow through my veins, with every attack give me a new birth, the birth of the neverending End.

Complicity with Nihilist Terrorist sects, Criminalistic Nihilists, Antisocial Misanthropes, GITS and with ITS!

To spread the plague of the misanthropic tendencies of Nihilism and Eco-extremism!

Nihilist aggressor, Misanthropos Cacogen

Eco-extremist Reflections


This project of “Eco-extremist Reflections” arises with the idea of gathering all the reflections, both older and more recent, within the scope of eco-extremist theory, in order to facilitate their access to the interested individualists. Since many of them are of a great value and its reading is very important to the strengthening of ideas and practice against the modern human and the techno-industrial civilization. We will divide them into themes and soon we will be publishing all we can collect from blogs, files, books, magazines and so on.

In this first number, we include some older reflections, which fulfilled the duty of discarding concepts and moralities that limited those who at the time, were approaching what we now call eco-extremism. Sterile and expired concepts such as “veganism”, “liberation” or “solidarity”. And finally, four texts of egoist-individualist orientation, one of them taken from the magazine “Ash and Ruin”, an other one from Crimelle et sauvage and the final two from the northern areas of the “Mexican” territory.


  1. The myth of veganism

  2. They do not suit yourself

  3. Solitude and Self-Realisation

  4. I and afterwards I

  5. A false escape


    In this second issue, we bring an old reflection by Abe Cabrera, evidencing already by those days the clear differences between US and the rest, those groups and characters with more progressive inclinations although they deny it, we are talking, of course, about the anarcho-primitivists and co.

    At the same time, we bring a large part of the important reflections of Chahta-Ima, an eco-extremist theorist, pioneer in that field, who with his sharped critics and thoughts was cutting the root of the rottenness that the modern ideologies are. We mention that the writings by Chahta-Ima have been invaluable for some of the individualists who are doing this work and we highlight them with great appreciation and pride.

    And finally, an extract from the text “The Calusa, a savage kingdom?”, Whose teachings are too important to be forgotten.

    We are very thankful for the contributions from the accomplices in the Animus Delendi blog, whom have helped us with the English translations for some of the texts on the first notebook, in this the number two as well and in the next ones which are still on preparations. The complicity between individualists brings the possibility to carry on with every editorial effort we have in mind, thus it allows us to move forward within the Tendency polishing are approaches, exchanging thoughts and posing new questions.


    Primitivism without Catastrophe

    “Saving the World” as the Highest Form of Domestication

    What do we mean when we say, “nature”?

    Politically Incorrect Savages

    Collateral damage: An Eco-Extremist Defense of Indiscriminate Violence

    Lessons from the Yahi War

    Lessons from the Calusa



Misanthropes are not born, they are made.

The recipe for a genuine misanthrope always starts with a person overflowing with love for his fellow man; to this, one adds a pinch of disenchantment, mixed with a healthy dose of cynicism and bitter resentment; then, allowed to rest in order for the ingredients to settle in together until fully immersed, and finished by serving it over a world occupied with other people.

Behind every misanthropic personality one finds the decaying remains of a former philanthropist.

This much is evident if only one considers the intensity of the misanthrope’s passionate vitriol. The degree of his contempt and disdain for humanity is always preceded by an abundance of passionate love; for it is impossible for one to passionately hate if one does not know how to passionately love.

That many misanthropes were at one time, in the naivety of their youth, idealists or romantics should come as absolutely no surprise.

What distinguishes misanthropic hate is its breadth and universality. Misanthropic hate is general, for the misanthrope detests all men; his hatred is all encompassing – for he despises with every fiber of his being the crowd and its imbecilic customs and mannerisms; he heaps scorn on that which is popular and common to the unthinking and amorphous masses; he has far too much experience in the ways of men to take anything at face-value, and his skepticism towards the purported intentions of others knows no bounds.

Genuine and true misanthropy should not be confused with detached indifference, as is the case for the egoist. Egoists subordinate the interests of the other to his own; and thus, he is relatively apathetic to the masses. As such, he is generally oblivious.

On the contrary, the misanthrope is far too reflective and far too aware to be a mere egoist. For misanthropy is never passive indifference, but always manifests itself in active abhorrence and detestation.