As a guide and / or example

-9 volt battery
-small light bulb
-electric cable
-battery connector
-metal containers
-match powder
-a box

First you must verify if the bulb works, or if the battery has power.
Then check the connection of the cables and the connector.
Then make a test of your electrical circuit so that the device is effective and there are no faults.

Inside the box

In this case we use a shoe box, but it can be any box of any size, the important thing is the electric circuit.
Let’s take the example to see how it works.
This cable must be in this position so that it is hooked with the other cable.
The wires have to look like this, so that when the target opens the box, they touch and generate the explosion.
When closing it, take EXTREME care so that the cables do not touch each other.
Obviously the box must be closed, not like in this example.
When you open the box, the bulb should be turned on, checking the mechanism and being very careful when you put the explosive charge, this is just a test.
As you can see, the cables touch correctly, verifying that the device works.

Container options

The metal containers that you can use vary and depend on the amount of explosive you have. It can be a galvanized nipple, which you must make a hole on the cap with a drill and put the cables together with the bulb, so that the detonation is direct, without the need for a fuse.
Or it can be a 1 kilogram extinguisher like the one shown, with which the same procedure is done as with the galvanized nipple. Or if you prefer, it can be a 2 kilogram extinguisher,  It depends on the destruction you want to cause.
It is recommended to add nails, pieces of metal, BBs or any material that can be used as shrapnel to generate more destruction, injuries and even death to your target.

Wearing away the lightbulb

For this, you can erode with a sandpaper the glass of the bulb.
The bulb as shown in the video, must be filled with match powder or phosphorus. The same heat of the ignited light causes the phosphorus to ignite immediately and generates the source of heat (sparks) that causes the explosive to burn and detonate.

Filling the lightbulb with match powder

And so, it is filled with match powder (it does not matter if the match powder is not as pulverized as ours, it works either way) and the bulb hole is covered with adhesive tape.

Lightbulb and fuses

As it has been said, the explosive can be detonated directly with the bulb inside the metal base or fuses can be used, this is done for the terrorist’s safety, because if by some fault, the cables touch earlier than planned, the terrorist has time to run and the explosion will not stop him.
The fuses and the bulb full of phosphorus should go this way.
Example of bulb and fuses united (next picture)
This is how it looks at night the union of the cables that heat the bulb and ignites the phosphorus of this, whereby the explosion is generated and the fuses are burned.

Another alternative. More security.

In the previous example we could see that the act of closing the box is a delicate moment, understanding that the explosive will be connected and the slightest friction can generate the explosion.
In the example that we will see below, a new method will be shown when closing the box, a variant that will undoubtedly give us more security when it comes to closing it.  This method is simply to make a hole on the side of the box, which will serve to interrupt the circuit, pulling the two wires through the hole.
In this way we can close the box without any problem. The next thing is to connect the two wires that come out through the hole, thus closing the circuit.  Then we proceed to introduce the connection, and patch the hole.
In the images that follow you can see how the mechanism works with the box already closed, thanks to the hole we have made to the side.  We can see how the circuit is activated correctly.
Diagram of the circuit with the hole (next picture)

Let the explosives detonate in the face of progressivists!
Let them get injured or die!
For the perversion of the mind and our actions!
Go ahead, Eco-extremist terrorists!
Go ahead, Nihilist terrorists!