A few notes on recent slandering and brief clarification

We are not ITS, we are not going to speak in their name but since in your boastfull shitty text and blog you mention a text written by some of us, attack and calumniate positions and tendencies that we defend with pride, among other things, we feel obliged to intervene and clarify several things:

1) The first thing is that we have always been and are willing to exchange criticism, opinions and disagreements with other groups and individuals always within some limits, but in this text (you take so much time to write such a crap, what a disappointment) we find the same clichés, the cheap insult and the same “copy & paste” garbage that has been happening lately. We don´t give a damn about  this kind of so absurd criticism based on ideological idiocy, but we hope with this to leave, if not closed this topic on our part, at least everything clear. We have better things to do than losing our time with retards on the net. All of this bullshit texts disgust us and we will not continue playing this nonsense game, between us there is no more space for talking as nothing else remains to talk. You are on one side and we are on the opposite.

2) That an individual who is self-defined, among other terms, as a “nihilist” does such a moralistic and pedantic analysis, typical of a good Christian-leftist says it all by itself. Curious that years ago these same “nihilist” anarchists were subject to harsh criticism, slander and condemnation by the social anarchists, with the pass of time they have taken their role to become judge, jury and executioner. Ah, by the way since you mention that you have carried out actions for the defense of the earth, we answer you that the earth does not need defenders, the earth and the wild already has its own mechanisms of defense, regulation and revenge, the typical attitude of the anarchist: anthropocentric and interventionist in which he must be the savior / liberator of everything.

3) If you bothered to read before writing any shit that goes through your heads, you would see that the first ITS started from a certain point to question the values of anarchism (among other things), this we suppose as the result of a Individual and / or collective development of its members, and to clarify that they were not anarchists, because they were constantly labeled as an anarchist group. Since then (and even before) the anarcho “scope” has not stopped throwing shit against ITS (this intensified in the RS stage) and anyone who showed sympathy towards them, this inquisitorial madness has been maintained until today.

4) Again the same arguments … fascists, neo-Nazis, machos, homophobes, reactionary, racist, nationalist, sexist, misogynist … so typical of the leftist: anyone who is not like me is a potential Hitler. Finally it looks to be true that what really bothers you is that since years ago a group detached from your circles has created its own path, to which more and more anarchists (especially from the insurrectional and eco-anarchist/anti-civilization tendency) are approaching, moving away from the humanistic and outdated values of anarchy and its shit movement, and even if they do not define themselves as eco-extremists, they are starting to create their own chaotic and destructive path apart from the holy scriptures of the political (and anarchist) correctness.

5) Then it is said that the indiscriminate attacks and murders have only authoritarian outcomes… tell me what murder is “anti-authoritarian”? The act of taking the life of another living being means putting you above him/her, granting you the right to kill something alive, giving yourself the authority to decide to end its existence… but of course everything is justified if the cause for what is killed is the one that suits you…
Are we elitist? Yes, we are, certainly, precisely so as not to end up as the FAI, or worse, like the anarchists of the United Kingdom, but we will talk about that later…
According to this character, indiscriminate terrorism benefits the system because, according to him, the techno-industrial system and civilization seek a model of coexistence based on the conflict, encouraging hatred, mistrust, murders… If this is true, then we ask: why the system spends millions on propaganda campaigns on TV, school, etc. making an effort to instill the values ​​of tolerance, respect, civility … etc? Why is there a whole series of civilized codes of conduct, of moral and legal norms imposed? Why does the system need weapons, armies, police, punitive system and at the same time scare the shit out of the citizens with the threat of prison if he does not comply with what is established? Why is the system increasingly trying to reform itself, to become more “human”, more inclusive, to eliminate inequalities (labor, gender, race …)? Do you really think that the system benefits more from a conflictive, chaotic and cannibalized society where its citizens kill each other, or on the contrary of a society where everything works smoothly, in harmony and social peace?

6) As you mention the attacks of Manchester and London, as well as the fire of the Grenfell Tower (a “nihilist” with class consciousness! setting the stage for your retirement in the SWP as many of your former comrades did? ), The first thing you must be clear that we will not mourn for a few civilized dead, rather we rejoice.Period.
We certainly do not idealize or fetishistically worship Daesh or anyone, which does not mean that we can not learn from their methods and take what we consider positive for our purposes.
That fetishistic worship we leave to you anarchists, as you do especially with what comes from Greek anarchism or CCF, or the Spanish civil war, or just masturbate watching videos of Molotovs flying over riot cops and stuff.
By the way, Daesh, since we are on the subject, does nothing that the anarchists of the past have not done, what varies are the motivations and, in some cases, the methods:
They have shoot and executed cops, blow up restaurants full of “bourgeois” in the center of Paris (as Emile Henry did), have murdered priests and other religious (as did the anarchists in the Spanish civil war or as the indiscriminate bombing in the procession of Corpus Christi in Barcelona)…
They have also run over a crowd of bystanders who celebrated the national day of France, a patriotic celebration! Then according to your logic of understanding the world, those bystanders should be fascists!

7) Well, you were concerned by the warnings to that cretinous gringo, just for ” bother to publically criticise them” … I suppose you will remember when your beloved CCF beat up another anarchist prisoner for disagreeing and criticizing them…

8) After a lot more of stupid things, you give specific information about a person (such as supposed nationality) and related this person with a name used in the claims of actions… even if this info is true or not… this is not an accidental or innocent act, this is a coward and premedited act…this has a clear name and is TO BE A MISERABLE SNITCH.

9) In your shitty blogs, perhaps due to the virtually total lack of anarchic actions in your area, like to include news from the criminal world (assaults to jewelry stores, robberies of banks … etc) vandalism carried out for that which they call “wild youth” as well as prison affairs (escapes, attacks on screws, prison riots) … If you had minimal contact with the criminal / prison world or took a tour of one of those neighborhoods of “wild youth” you would realize how much stand between you and them, try to speak to these people of anarchy and anti-authoritarianism and let´s see what happens … again idealizing what you don´t know, from the comfort of those who sits behind a screen. The criminal / prison world is well characterized by hierarchies, the law of the strongest, “inequalities”, machismo / sexism / homophobia and all those things that you hate so much and oppose your values, what they share with the world of anarchism is its infiltration by informants and collaborators. By the way, did you know what happens to snitches and big mouths in the criminal/prison environment?.
In short, we suppose that they have to put some juicy news from time to time so as not to look ridiculous, you just need to take a look at the movement on your island, “actions” consisting of sealing padlocks, slashing tires, graffiti or … To sabotage bikes! alert! The insurrection has begun! LOL!

10) Another text speaks of FAI and how disgusting the text “The anarchist myth” has been and we are advised to read the theories, debates and praxis of the FAI, and more specifically of the CCF.

Let’s clarify something else: Those who write this, back in the day were part of that network of cells and individuals that was FAI / IRF, and claimed actions under these acronyms, so we know what we are talking about, we do not have to learn anything new of those writings because we have been part of that theoretical-practical exchange. So much that you like to recommend us to read your idols of CCF, you again idealize what you do not know, if you knew how much shit there was and there are around certain individuals and cells of FAI, like the CCF, who are writing texts giving lessons and then they do the opposite of what they preach. If we are going to talk about informal hierarchies, power roles, hypocrisy, using people and then fuck-up them and HUGE mistakes… then we are talking about CCF / FAI.

If we have learned something from those days (and you can believe us, we learned a lot) it has been the positive thing of the informal organization and coordination (among other things), but also of its mistakes, of all the SHIT and of the disaster that was in its end. FAI and CCF, are the example of what NOT to do, the history and the result confirm it.
The best example is to see what FAI was a few years ago and what it is now, with groups taking “responsibility” for putting up posters and fagoty activism of that style.

11) You feel very tough disrespecting and “inviting” ITS to go find you in your shitty island, since you know that is not going to happen, anyway we are going to remind you one thing:
Here in Europe there are also groups of nihilist terrorists, individualistic criminals and extremist misanthropes who are alive and kicking, and we remind you again that some of these groups were until a while ago close to you and your rotten environment, we know who is who and where hang out each one, the violence and the attack for us is not something new, but a practice that has become an extension of our own being, since it has been part of our life for years already… we do not have “pagan gods” what we have are weapons, explosives and information… So watch your words, your internet bravery can be expensive in real life.

The war keeps going on!